Our Story

Our Mission:

Maggie’s Munchies mission is to serve our local community through genuine in-person connection. We deliver a REAL old fashioned experience with REAL old fashioned desserts.

Our Core Values:

-Using simple wholesome ingredients

-Prioritizing local community events 

-Creating genuine connection through serving and conversation

-Simple, efficient, and proactive practices in all areas

Maggie's Munchies began as a way to serve others with excellence and love. Starting a bakery also allowed me the opportunity to spend more quality time with my family, building something we could all grow alongside.


With the knowledge and experience my husband and I had in Operations, and Learning & Development we wanted to build a business that avoided the mistakes we saw in other companies.

We do whatever it takes to provide our guests with good old fashioned service while keeping it simple. Our Systems and processes behind the scenes help to deliver an awesome guest experience. From our good old fashioned flavor, to the smile you'll see on our face every day, you can expect our very best because we care about our guests.

The effort and love put into each small batch ensures guests will be happy they chose Maggie's Munchies.

Before all the heavily processed ingredients, and chemicals used to "re-create" flavor, there was just good old fashioned flavor! Found in quality wholesome ingredients. We bake Whoopie Pies, CakeCups, and Cookies that reflect the REAL old fashioned way of baking.

Our unique flavor combos will give everyone a chance to enjoy a familiar old fashioned favorite in a new way! -OR- for some, they will experience the goodness of old fashioned desserts for the first time!

Whatever you decide to try at Maggie's Munchies will be worth it!

When there's room for more, and you're going to have dessert, we want you to feel good about choosing Maggie's Munchies. We encourage you to gather with your loved ones, sit around a table or experience a local community event, and enjoy a REAL Old Fashioned dessert while you talk and enjoy each other's company. 

-Maggie & Trevor Josti

Maggie & Trevor - Munchie Master Extraordinaires